KLH Ultimate One Headphones Review

June 13, 2019 

By: Mark Henninger

Headphones take on many form factors, from tiny in-ear monitors to humongous electrostatic models that need dedicated amps and cost a small fortune. For many audio enthusiasts, a happy medium can be found in full-size, dynamic headphones. The KLH Ultimate One is an over-ear, open-back dynamic headphone that features Ebony earcups and drivers made with beryllium, while adding lambskin and leather to the luxury material list.

They are a statement piece by the reborn KLH brand and with a $299 MSRP(real Ebony earcups) or $379 (real Zebra wood earcups, by special order). That makes the Ultimate Ones comparable in price with the Grado GH3 & AKG K701/702 premium dynamic headphones, as well as a number planar-magnetic models in that range.