KLH Model Three Bookshelf Speaker Review by U Audio

American KLH is a classic old brand. It was founded in 1957. KLH stands for the abbreviation of the surnames of the three founders. These three are Henry Kloss, Malcolm Low and Josef Hofmann. In the US Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, the company was acquired by Kelley Global Brands in 2017 and re-emerged in 2021 with the launch of the Model Five speaker, and the Model Three is the younger brother of the Model Five, both of which use the classic The acoustic air-cushion speaker design continues the appearance of the classic speaker. At first glance, the shape is quite retro.

Although the Model Three is called a bookshelf speaker, the cabinet is not small, and it is used with a special tripod, just like a small floor-standing speaker. The special tripod with Model Three is another way to build a more beautiful sound field.

The so-called acoustic air-cushion speaker is actually a closed-type speaker familiar to enthusiasts. It uses the air pressure change of the closed box to enhance the response speed of the mid-low frequency. The Model Three speaker revives the classic design of KLH and adds design elements of modern audio.

Model Three adopts a two-way design, the tweeter is a 1-inch aluminum alloy diaphragm, and the 8-inch paper cone diaphragm is used for the mid-bass unit, and the high-strength aluminum alloy casting frame is used to reduce resonance interference. The speaker adopts “sustainable” “Sex” MDF material, 3/4 inch thick, and matched with beautiful West African walnut wood grain, adding a retro look to the Model Three look.

In the design of the crossover, KLH emphasizes the minimalist design, using only 13 passive electronic components, using high-quality iron core inductors and Mylar film capacitors, and adding three-stage Acoustic Balance Control, which can adjust the volume of mid-low frequency, Makes Model Three easier to integrate into home acoustics.

Equipment Specifications

KLH Audio Model Three

Type: 2 single 2-way closed speaker

Single unit: 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter × 1, 8-inch Pulp-Paper diaphragm woofer × 1

Crossover point: 1.6 kHz

Frequency Response: 46 Hz – 20 kHz

Efficiency: 88 dB

Power withstand: 150 watts

Recommended Amplifier Power: 30W – 150W

Impedance: 6 ohms

Crossover point: 380 Hz, 2850 Hz

Dimensions: 660 × 350 × 292 mm (W × H × D)

Weight: 23.6 kg

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