Best Floor Standing Speakers 2022 – Top 10 Ultimate Reviews

February 17, 2022 / By Joseph L. Hollen

There are basically two types of speakers, bookshelf and floor standing. There are some other variations like soundbars, etc., but in the main, these are the two basic options. In this review, we are going to have a look at some of the Best Floor Standing Speakers.

In many ways, they are the best choice as they are designed for complete stereo output. They include the range of sounds from low to high and everything in between. When you want the fullest frequency stereo sound but only want two speakers, floor standing speakers are probably going to be the best bet.

You can stand them virtually anywhere, and they often have a bit more power. They also usually have a better acoustic range and are better for serious music listening.

However, they have their drawbacks. They are often heavy, and they tend to take up more space. But, those sins can be forgiven if the sound is good.

So, let’s go through the Best Floor Standing Speakers currently available and find the perfect pair for you…

#5. KLH Kendall 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker

Founded in 1957, KLH has been manufacturing quality audio for quite a while. They have built their reputation on innovative ideas at a reasonable price.

This speaker is a three-way system. It has two 6 ½ -inch drivers made from Kevlar. They have oversized magnets. There is a further Kevlar midrange driver that is 5 ¼ inches and also an aluminum 1-inch tweeter. If you use the speaker without its grille, it reveals the brushed aluminum around the drivers and the tweeter — a nice aesthetic touch.

Quality build…

The cabinet is made from a very dense three-quarter-inch MDF fibreboard and has internal sections to house the drivers. It has a Walnut veneer finish. On the back are two rear-facing bass ports, and the connection points are nickel-plated and have bi-amp capability. It has an MDF base and a choice between spikes or rubber feet depending on the surface where you place it.

The grille is a magnetic snap-on with no visible fixing points. The cabinet is 40 inches high and 14.75 deep and 7.75 inches wide. It weighs 50 pounds, which for its size you would expect.

Superb soundstage…

As you might expect from KLH, the sound is very good with a deep but not overpowering bass presence. However, it cannot be placed too close to a wall because of the rear-firing ports, but if you get the positioning correct, the soundstage is excellent. It is great for music but also will sit neatly in a home cinema system.

Set at quite a high price point, it is still a good option.