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Floorstanding Speakers for Stereo and AV

Floorstanding speakers are something of a hifi classic. It is inescapable that getting satisfying bass response is easier out of a larger cabinet but the larger box brings with it challenges in keeping things under control. It’s then that the experience of KLH Audio designers and their painstaking attention to detail and build quality shows.

A good floorstanding speaker needs to reproduce everything from the lowest bass through clear emotive mid-range to the crispest highs. (Frequency Response) It needs to be able to reproduce the quietest sounds clearly (Sensitivity) and bring the excitement of variety from quiet to loud to life. (Dynamic Range). Your speaker needs to be able to do this in a way that doesn’t add distortion or colour to what you’re listening to. If your speakers aren’t able to do this then everything spent on sources and amplification is for nothing, like looking at a beautiful view through scratched glasses.

KLH Audio understand this and have the expertise to produce speakers that perform and overperform for the cost.

If you’re looking for a pair of speakers to bring the sheer pleasure of your music to life KLH have a choice of floorstanding speakers to do that for you. Whether it’s music to fire you up or music to sooth your soul the power and pleasure of music is worth pursuing.

Our Cambridge speakers are an immaculately executed 2 way, floorstanding design with twin 5.25” Woven Kevlar Bass/Mid drivers and an Anodised Aluminium tweeter providing a listening experience that will surprise.

Next in line we have our Quincy a classic 3 way configuration. Immaculately outfitted in either stylish genuine black oak veneer or warm genuine American walnut veneer. Allow yourself to admire the beauty, underneath are low resonance drive chambers and multi element crossovers. KLH appreciate beauty but we love engineering.

The top spot in our line-up of floorstanding speakers is the Kendall, 4 element, 3 way design. The use of two bass drivers working in tandem provides effortless bass down to 25Hz. That is seriously low and provides a level of deep bass found is very, very difficult to find elsewhere.