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Centre Speaker for AV and Home Cinema

Why a centre speaker? That is a very good question and deserves a proper answer. In a normal stereo music recording the placing of the voices and instruments is dealt with by the engineers and producers in the studio and your music is laid out in a beautiful soundstage between your left and right speakers.

With films the situation is slightly more complicated with sounds and atmospherics often coming from outside the picture. While that is perfect for effects it is not desirable for voice, playing films back in stereo leaves an unsatisfactory situation where the voices of the actors can seem disconnected from where they are on the screen. That’s where a centre speaker makes sense of everything, fed by a separate centre channel the centre speaker brings the dialogue into focus, back where it belongs, in the centre of the screen. Without a quality centre speaker your Home Cinema experience can never be truly CINEMATIC.

There are a number of things a Centre Speaker must be able to do in order to perform well. Firstly, it must sound similar to the main left and right speakers, particularly in the vocal range. Otherwise as sounds move back and forward across the screen the sound will change in undesirable way. Secondly the loudness of the centre speaker must rise and fall in line with the other speakers in the system or the soundstage will be distorted.

The Story Centre speaker gets around both these issues by the very practical and simple solution of using exactly the same 1” anodised aluminium tweeter as all our other speakers and using the same 5.25” woven Kevlar driver as all but the Ames speakers. Using the same drivers in the centre as used in the main speakers ensures a uniform sound across your screen and Home Cinema joy.

The Story is also available in the same beautiful American Walnut and Black Oak real wood veneers as your main speakers. A match both sonically and visually, perfect.