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Bookshelf Speaker Systems

Bookshelf or Standmount Speakers are where many start their journey into high quality sound. Being smaller than Floorstanders can make them easier to live with in a smaller home and whilst generally less expensive, properly engineered designs can be very satisfying.

If your room allows then placing you speakers on a bookshelf can be the perfect solution otherwise a set of solid stands of the appropriate height are what’s needed. Many an impoverished music lover has started with a few concrete blocks!

Bookshelf speakers try to reproduce everything from the lowest bass through expressive mid-range to the clear highs. (Frequency Response) They need to be able to reproduce the quietest sounds (Sensitivity) and bring the excitement of variety from quiet to loud to life, (Dynamic Range). Your speakers need to be able to do this in a way that doesn’t add distortion or colouration to what you’re listening to. When this happens your music comes to life.

KLH’s Audio Design and Engineering team have the experience and skills to make the magic work.

Our Ames compact bookshelf speaker is the baby of the range, though would prefer not to be referred to as such as it is a very confident creation. It’s modern monitor design is immaculately finished in a choice of Black or White satin. Based on a 2 way acoustic suspension design it uses the finest of components to squeeze the maximum performance out of a diminutive loudspeaker. Custom designed crossovers and anodised aluminium dome tweeters are only part of what make it great. It is equally at home as the front speakers in a small system or as a rear pair in an AV system.

The Albany is our larger bookshelf offering and an ideal speaker in a, high quality, starter system. It uses a classic, 2 way, acoustic suspension construction with internal low resonance drive chambers and optimised bracing. This creates a rigid platform for the mounting of the woven Kevlar bass drivers and the 1” Aluminium dome tweeters. With 200 watt handling capability these speakers are not afraid of being loud. Encased in either genuine American Walnut Veneer or Genuine Black Oak veneer the Albany will grace any room.