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About KLH

Founded in 1957 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, KLH is a company of ground-breaking firsts and has created some of the bestselling speakers in the world. KLH stands behind their products with a strong commitment to quality and performance for years beyond purchase.

Our Founder

Henry Kloss, the iconic founder of KLH, was fondly dubbed by Wes Phillips of Stereophile Magazine as “The Man Who Changed Audio and Video – Time and Time Again”. He co-developed the first acoustic suspension speaker, introduced the world’s first full range electrostatic speaker, launched the first-ever high-selectivity FM radio, and won an Emmy Award for the first large screen projection television for home use. For his innumerable contributions to the Consumer Electronics Industry, Henry was one of the first inductees into the regaled CEA Hall of Fame, along with the likes of Edison, Bell, Dolby, and Marconi.

Our Brand

Treat yourself to the sound of your favourite movies and music with KLH Audio Speakers. Film fans, music lovers, design buffs – everyone, really – will love KLH’s new line of sharp, stylish floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers, subwoofers, and home theatre systems. The brand’s new leadership team headed by CEO David P. Kelley is taking the company into the future with high-quality sound and stylish design, all at reasonable prices. Celebrate the rebirth of the iconic KLH and get yourself the gift you’re secretly wanting.

The classic, sleek design of the new KLH speakers make them one of the sharpest home upgrades of the season. Every KLH speaker is carefully crafted to deliver an unforgettable audio experience and look good doing it. The cabinets of KLH speakers use real wood veneers. Style optimised for sound is something KLH does very, very well. 

It’s not enough to look good though, speakers need to deliver great sound as well. KLH’s premium products back up style with substance. Each speaker features powder-coated cast aluminium baskets with woven Kevlar drivers, custom-designed tapered array crossovers and linear response aluminium faceplates with 25mm anodised aluminium tweeters. These systems are built to carry every note of your favourite song with crisp, clear perfection.